Checklist Enquiries

Use this section to assist you to troubleshoot if a user is experiencing trouble with completing their Checklists element.

User is unable to tick that they have accepted a checklist item

If a user opens a file in their Checklists element but is still unable to tick the checkbox to confirm they have accepted it, check that the file is opening in a new browser window. The best way to check this is to use Proxy As Employee to view the Checklists element as the user. If you click on the same checklist item the user is unable to tick and the document opens in the same browser window, this is the issue.

To rectify, you will need to update the Checklist Item to ensure it opens in a new window. For more information on this, please refer to the Checklists guides in the Handy References links below.

Handy References

1. Proxy As Employee guide

2. Manage Checklist Items guide

3. Add a New Checklist Item guide

4. Editor Tool Instructions guide