Manage Checklist Items

This function allows you to view Checklist Items for users to accept that have been configured for your organisation in Simon.

To access this module, log in to the Control Panel from the Simon home page located at https://<yoursubdomain> Navigate to the Module Manager menu and click to expand. Finally, select “Manage Checklist Items”.

Manage Checklist Items field definitions

Field Name
Tips and information
ID The system generated identification number given to the checklist item.

The ID number will be included next to the checklist item on the Checklist Transmission Report to allow for version control.


For more information about the Checklist Transmission Report, please refer to the My Experiences guide.
Policy This scripting is shown to the user to tick upon reading, understanding, and agreeing to the checklist item. For more information about creating Checklist Items, please refer to the Add A New Checklist Item guide.

Shows whether the Checklist Item is Active (visible) or inactive (hidden) for users.

To change a Checklist Item to Active or Inactive, click the Status button.


If you are making a Checklist Item inactive, be sure to check that it has been removed from the Checklist Group first. For more information, please refer to the Manage Checklist Groups guide.
Last Updated/Last Updated By The Last Updated and Last Updated By columns show the date and time the Checklist Item was last edited and which administrator made the edit.
The time will be displayed in your organisation's configured timezone.
Actions Click here to view the Checklist Item.
For more information about viewing a checklist item, please continue reading below.

To view a Checklist Item, select View from the Actions menu. To allow for version control, Checklist Items cannot be edited or deleted after they have been created.

The text in the Policy box shows the scripting that has been configured for the user. Blue underlined text denotes a hyperlink, which is normally linked to the PDF file or URL that the user is reading and accepting. To check where the hyperlink is linked to, follow the below steps:

1. Highlight the hyperlinked text

2. Click on the Link icon ()

3. Check the URL in the Link Info tab. Tip: Navigate to the URL in your browser by copying and pasting to view the content that the hyperlink is linked to. For more information about files in the File Gallery, please refer to the File Gallery guide.

If the Required box is ticked, this means that the user is required to open the link before they can tick that they have accepted the checklist item. If this box is not ticked, the user is able to accept the checklist item without opening the link.

If you need to edit an existing Checklist Item, you will need to create a new Checklist Item that includes the updated link, remove the existing Checklist Item from the Checklist Group, add the new Checklist Item to the Checklist Group, and make the existing Checklist Item inactive.

For more information about creating new Checklist Items and Checklist Groups, please refer to the Add A New Checklist Item guide and the Manage Checklist Groups guide.