Add a New Checklist Item

Use this option to create a new checklist item to be added to a Checklist Group for a user to accept as part of the Checklist element in an experience.

Examples of checklist items can include company policies, company procedures and the Fair Work Information Statement.

To access this module, log in to the Control Panel from the Simon home page located at https://<yoursubdomain> Navigate to the Module Manager menu and click to expand. Finally, select “Add A New Checklist Item”.

Type the scripting you would like the user to agree to in the Checklist Item section. Some example scripting you may like to use is “I have read, understood and agree to the Workplace Health and Safety Policy”. You will then need to create a hyperlink to the PDF document or URL you would like the user to read and accept. For more information on creating a hyperlink in this section, please refer to the Editor Tool Instructions guide.

If you require the user to open the link before accepting the checklist item, tick the Required box. If you do not require the user to open the link before accepting the checklist item, you can leave the Required box blank.

Finally, press the Submit button to create the Checklist Item.

Important note 1 – A Checklist Item cannot be edited or deleted once it has been created, so it is important to make sure that all wording and hyperlinks are correct before saving to avoid the need to create duplicates.

Important note 2 – Checklist Items will not be visible to users until they have been added to a Checklist Group. Ensure you have added the Checklist Item to the relevant Checklist Group after creating. For more information about Checklist Groups, please refer to the Manage Checklist Groups guide.