Document Acceptance Enquiries

Use this section to assist you to troubleshot if a user is experiencing trouble with accepting their documents in the Document Acceptance element.

1. Documents are not opening for the user when they click on the link(s)

If the user is using a PC to complete their experience, check that the PC has Adobe installed as this is required to view the PDF documents.

2. Verification Questions are not appearing for the user

Ensure the user has opened and closed all documents that have been allocated to them. Verification Questions will only appear for the user to answer after all documents in their Document Acceptance element have been opened and closed. This includes any attached Library Documents. When the user clicks on the link to their document(s), a popup window will appear showing a preview of the document. This popup window must be closed for all documents before the Verification Questions will appear.

Example 1 - This user has a document and 2 Library Documents to accept. The user has not yet opened and closed all 3 documents, and therefore cannot access their Verification Questions.

Example 2 - The user has now opened and closed all 3 documents, which has opened up their Verification Questions below.

If the user has opened and closed all documents and still can't access their Verification Questions, check if the user is using the Internet Explorer browser to access Simon. If so, recommend that they try again using Chrome, Safari or Edge browsers, as Internet Explorer can sometimes experience issues on this page.

3. Answers to the Verification Questions are showing as incorrect

Check that the user is entering their answer exactly as was configured when their experience was delivered. While verification answers are not case sensitive, they are space and character sensitive.

To check what was entered when the experience was delivered to the user, follow the below steps:

1. Navigate to Experience Dashboard > My Experiences

2. Find the experience you are wanting to view and click its corresponding ID in the Exp ID column:


3. This will open a popup – the answers that were configured by the person who delivered the experience will appear under the “Documents included as part of this experience” heading:

Common items to check include spelling, incorrect spaces, dates and characters (e.g. if the experience is delivered with “Full-Time” as the required answer, but the user types “Full Time” as their answer, the answers won’t validate as the hyphen is missing).

Tip: When configuring Verification Answers when delivering an experience, make sure the formatting of the answers match the format that was included in the employee’s documents.

4. The "Accept" button is greyed out at the bottom of the screen

Check that all Verification Questions and the Verification Code have been successfully verified.

The Accept button will not become active until all verification questions as well as the verification code have been successfully verified. Until this has been completed, the button will be greyed out and the user will be unable to complete this element.

Tip: The user will need to click the “Verify your code” text next to the field so that their code can be verified.

Example 1 - The Accept button is greyed out as the Verification Code has not yet been verified.

Example 2 - The Accept button is now available as all Verification Questions and the Verification Code have been verified.

Handy References

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