Document Templates

When a Document Acceptance element is included in an experience, you have the option of uploading a pre-prepared document or using a Document Template.

Document Templates use custom field parameters to fill in the blanks to automatically create the document for you. Note: Document Templates are required to be configured to use the Bulk Delivery functionality. For more information about Bulk Delivery, please refer to the Deliver an Experience guide.

To access this module, log in to the Control Panel from the Simon home page located at https://<yoursubdomain> Navigate to the Global Site Configuration menu and click to expand. Finally, select “Document Templates”.

Add New Document Template

To add a new Document Template, navigate to Global Site Configuration > Document Templates > Add New Document Template and follow the below steps:

1. Name the Document Template in the Template Name field. This is the name you will see when selecting the template to use when delivering a Document Acceptance element as part of an experience. If you have multiple Document Templates configured, it is important to make sure the template name accurately reflects the content of the template (e.g. Full Time Agreement).

2. Input an Alias in the Alias field. The Alias is a system field and need only be short. Each Alias must be unique (e.g. ftc).

3. Format the document in the Text field. For more information on adding and/or editing text and images in this section, please refer to the Editor Tool Instruction guide. For more information on utilising parameters in this section, please refer to the How to use parameters to customise your message guide.

4. Once all fields have been completed, click Submit to save.

If your organisation has API enabled, you may see an additional option to configure assignment rules. For assistance with assignment rules for your specific API configuration, or to enquire about enabling API for your organisation, please contact your Account Manager or e-mail

Editing a Document Template

To edit a Document Template, navigate to Global Site Configuration > Document Templates > All Templates. You will then be presented with a list of all configured templates.

All Templates field definitions

Field Name
Tips and information
ID The system generated identification number given to the Document Template.

This ID number is a system generated field only.

Template Name
The name that has been configured for the Document Template.
This is the name you will see when selecting which template to use when delivering an experience. For more information about delivering an experience, please refer to the Deliver An Experience guide.

Shows whether the Document Template is Active (can be selected) or Inactive (cannot be selected).

To change a Document Template to Active or Inactive, click the Status button.

Last Updated/Last Updated By
The Last Updated and Last Updated By columns show the date and time the Document Template was last edited and which administrator made the edit.

The time will be displayed in your organisation's configured timezone.

Options to Edit or Delete.

We recommend making a Document Template inactive rather than deleting. If a Document Template is deleted, it cannot be retrieved.


For information about editing a Document Template, please continue reading below.

To edit a Document Template, select the Edit option from the Actions menu next to the relevant template. You will then be presented with a screen identical to the Add New Document Template screen. For more information about the fields on this screen, please refer to the Add New Document Template section above.

Tip – If you need to duplicate a Document Template, we recommend copying the Source code by clicking the “Source” button in the Editor, and then pasting into the relevant Source section of the new template you are creating. This will ensure the formatting of your templates are consistent. For more information about using this function, please refer to the Editor Tool Instructions guide.