File Gallery

The File Gallery contains all the stored PDF documents that can be used throughout your Simon platform.

To access this module, log in to the Control Panel from the Simon home page located at https://<yoursubdomain> Navigate to the Media Manager menu and click to expand. Click File Gallery. You will then be presented with the PDF documents that are stored in the platform.

Documents with a blue “LD” denote files that have been marked as Library Documents. For more information about these files, including the specific instructions to upload and edit them, please refer to the Library Documents guide.

To upload a new file, click the “Click to select files for uploading” button. Select the file from your PC, and then click the Submit button. It’s important to ensure the “LD” box is not ticked if the file will not be a Library Document. The file will now be part of your library. Note – Files must be in .pdf format.

To delete a file, click the Delete button attached to the relevant image. Important note – Once a file has been deleted, it cannot be retrieved. The file will no longer be accessible, and any links to the file will become dead links.

To open a file, click the open icon attached to the relevant file.

To archive a file, tick all files you want to archive, and then select “Archive” from the Actions dropdown.

To un-archive a file, tick the “Include Archive” box and then click “Search”. Archived documents will be noted with a purple “AR” box (). Tick all files you want to un-archive, and then select “Un-archive” from the Actions dropdown. The file(s) will now re-appear in the main view.

Note  If a Library Document is archived, you’ll no longer be able to select it when delivering an experience to a user. For more information about Library Documents, please refer to the Library Documents guide.

File Gallery Filter

By default, the File Gallery will not display archived files. To display archived files in the list, tick the “Include Archive” box and click “Search”. Archived files will be denoted with a purple “AR” box ().  

To display Library Documents only, tick the “Show only LD” box and click “Search”.