Login Enquiries

Use this section to assist you to troubleshoot if a user is experiencing trouble with logging in to Simon or resetting their own password.

Username or password is showing as incorrect

Navigate to Employee Administration > Manage Employees and select “View” from the Actions menu next to the relevant user. Check that the username is spelled correctly on the profile and that there are no accidental spaces included. You can check spaces by highlighting the text in the username field.

Example 1 - Username without an accidental space:

Example 2 - Username with an accidental space at the start and end:

If there are accidental spaces included and/or the username is spelled incorrectly, you will need to delete the user’s profile and create a new one with the correct formatting, or the user will need to log in using the incorrect formatting that was saved on their profile.

If there are not accidental spaces included and/or the username is spelled correctly, check that all other user details (including mobile number) are current and correct.

Handy References

1. Create a New Employee guide

2. Manage Employees guide