Document Upload Centre

The Document Upload Centre is used to configure the documents that you require a user to upload at the end of their Forms element in an experience. Examples of documents that may be requested include driver’s licence, qualifications, and a letter from a superannuation fund.

Note – Document Upload requests are only able to be delivered as part of a Forms element in an experience, i.e. if the Forms element is not included, you will not be able to request any documents to be uploaded. For more information on delivering an experience, please refer to the Deliver An Experience guide.

To access this module, log in to the Control Panel from the Simon home page located at https://<yoursubdomain> Navigate to the Global Site Configuration menu and click to expand. Finally, select “Document Upload Centre”.

Creating a new Document Upload Request

To create a new Document Upload Request, navigate to Global Site Configuration > Document Upload Centre > Add Upload Request and follow the below steps:

1. Outline the document you are requesting from the user in the Instruction to Employee field. The wording you use in this section is exactly what the user will see. Example wording is “Please upload a copy of your driver’s licence or passport”.

2. Name the document in the Document Name field. This is what the file will be named in the Experience Documents, for example “licence”. For more information about downloading Experience Documents, please refer to the My Experiences guide.

3. If you require the document request to appear based on how the user answers a question in their Forms element, select the relevant Field and then the relevant answer. For example – if you only want the document to be uploaded if the user indicates they are from Queensland, you would select “What is your state?” in the Select Question field, and “Queensland” in the Select Answer field. The request would then only be asked of those who answered Queensland. If you do not require a trigger for the upload, you can leave this section blank.

Note 1 – Each triggered Document Upload can only be attached to one Field. If you have multiple Form Groups with similar questions, you will need to create a triggered Document Upload request for each different form group, and differentiate the name of each one so that you know which one to select when delivering the experience (e.g. you may have an (E) at the start for Employees, and a (C) at the start for Contractors). For more information about Form Groups, please refer to the Forms guide.

Note 2 – Triggered Document Upload requests will need to be selected when you are delivering the experience to the user, even though you will not yet know whether it will be required. The system will determine whether to request the upload based on the configured responses. If you do not select the Document Upload when delivering the experience, the request will never be made. For more information about delivering an experience, please refer to the Deliver An Experience guide.

Note 3 – Only fields that have been configured as a List Label Type will be available to use as a trigger. For more information about Fields, please refer to the Forms guide.

4. Select whether the upload is Required or Optional. If you select required, the user will not be able to continue with their experience until the document has been uploaded. If you select Optional, the user will be able to skip the upload.

5. After all fields relevant fields have been completed, click the Submit button to save.

If your organisation has API enabled, you may see an additional option to configure assignment rules. For assistance with assignment rules for your specific API configuration, or to enquire about enabling API for your organisation, please contact your Account Manager or e-mail

Editing a Document Upload Request

To edit a Document Upload Request, navigate to Global Site Configuration > Document Upload Centre > All Document Requests. You will then be presented with a list of all configured Document Upload Requests.

All Document Requests field definitions

Field Name
Tips and information
ID The system generated identification number given to the Document Upload Request.

This ID number is a system generated field only.

Label Name
The name that has been configured for the Document Upload Request.

This is the request the user will be shown and the name you will see when selecting the Document Upload Request(s) when delivering an experience.


For more information about delivering an experience, please refer to the Deliver An Experience guide.

Shows whether the Document Upload Request is Active (can be selected) or Inactive (cannot be selected).

To change a Document Upload Request to Active or Inactive, click the Status button.

Last Updated/Last Updated By

The Last Updated and Last Updated By columns show the date and time the Document Upload Request was last edited and which administrator made the edit.

The time will be displayed in your organisation's configured timezone.

Options to Edit or Delete.

We recommend making a Document Upload Request inactive rather than deleting. If a Document Upload Request is deleted, it cannot be retrieved. If a Document Upload Request is deleted and it is allocated to a user via the Forms element in their experience, the user will no longer be asked to upload the document.


For information about editing a Document Upload Request, please continue reading below.

To edit a Document Upload Request, select the Edit option from the Actions menu next to the relevant request. You will then be presented with a screen identical to the Add New Upload Request screen. For more information about the fields on this screen, please refer to the Creating a New Document Upload Request section above.

Important Any changes that are made to a Document Upload Request will be instantly visible to any users who have the request allocated to them (via the Forms element) in their experience.