Change Checklist Intro Text

Use this option to customise your company message about the Checklist Items that users will need to read and accept. For example, this option can be used to reinforce your corporate message regarding the importance of your company policies and procedures.

To access this module, log in to the Control Panel from the Simon home page located at https://<yoursubdomain> Navigate to the Module Manager menu and click to expand. Finally, select “Change Checklist Intro Text”.

For instructions on adding and/or editing images and text in this section, please refer to the Editor Tool Instructions guide.

Important note 1 – Any changes you make to the Checklist Intro Text will be instantly visible to any users who have been delivered an experience that includes the Checklist element, including those who have already completed their Checklist element.

Important note 2 – The Checklist Intro Text is a global change, which means the screen will look the same for all users regardless of which Checklist Group they have been allocated. For this reason, it’s important to make sure the scripting and images you use are relevant for all Checklist Group types (e.g. if you have one checklist group for New Employees and one for Existing Employees, you should avoid referencing “onboarding” so that it is relevant for both groups).