Contract Templates

You have the option to upload an employment contract or choose a Contract Template when delivering an Employment Offer.

Contract Templates work very similar to email notifications, whereby you use system parameters, custom parameters & user parameters to fill in the blanks to automatically create the employment offer.

Adding New Contract Template

1.Login to the Employer Panel from the home page located at https://<yoursubdomain>

2.Navigate to the Global Site Configuration menu 

3.Click to expand the Contract Templates menu

4. Click on Add New Contract Template  to add a contract template to the platform.  

Note: You can have multiple Contract Template

Adding New Contract Template field definitions

Field name Description Tips and information
Template Name The name you assign to the Contract Template.   You can have multiple Contract Templates. For example, Permanent Contract Template, Part time Contract Template
Alias The alias name you assign to the Contract Template

 The Alias become important if you have API Integration set up on your platform
Text / Editor Tool This is where the text for the Contract Template is kept. Go to our user guides to find out how to use the Editor Tool and Parameters for compiling your Contract Template.