New Features Release

Version 5.0.1 | Release 1 March 2018






Say hello to some great new features being released to myjoboffer

We’re committed to offering our customers the best features that help Bring Onboarding to Life! You’ll soon notice some great changes that offer huge benefits to you and your new employees. Here are five enhancements that are about to be released.

The Contract Generator
You will now have the option to upload an employment contract (just like today) or choose a Contract Template. You can easily create contract templates in Global Site Configuration. It works very similar to email notifications, where custom fields fill in the blanks to automatically create the employment offer.

What’s changing?
When you create a new employee, you can now choose to:

  1. Deliver the employment offer now or
  2. Save the Employee and deliver the offer later

To deliver the offer now, you will be asked to either choose a contract template or to upload an employment offer.

Offer Expiry Date

When you create a new employee, you now have the option to create an offer expiry date.This means that if an employee does not accept their offer by the due date, it will expire and they will not be able to accept it without first contacting you.

Employment Offer Verification Code

As you know, for an employee to accept their offer, they must receive an SMS verification code. We’re now giving employees the choice to receive their verification code either via email or SMS.

When an employee is accepting their offer, they will be prompted to choose how they want to receive their verification code. At this screen, it will prompt them to choose either via email or SMS. 

Multi Export Layouts

You now have the option to create multiple CSV export reports. You may need one type of export for payroll, but another for your timesheet system. Multi Export Layouts allow you to extract myjoboffer data in different formats to meet the import needs of your different HR or business systems. 

Document Upload – now with trigger rules

You’ve always been able to request that employees upload documents during their onboarding. Now, you can set trigger rules to apply based on a response provided by the employee. For example, the request to upload a Super Fund compliance letter will only appear if the employee chooses a super fund that is not the employer default fund.

Duplicate notifications issue resolved

We've resolved the gremlins causing email notifications to be sent to receipients multiple times. This was being caused due to employees clicking the "Accept Policies" button multiple times which caused notifications to trigger. Now, the notifications will only be sent once.


User guides will be updated to include the new features

If you have questions about this release, please contact your Customer Experience Manager or log a support request.


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