How to use Parameters to customise your message.

Body of Email - Using Parameters to customise your message.
User specific information which has been entered into the software can be included in the email notifications by using the symbols {      }.  Using parameters enables you to customise your message to your new employee. Parameters can also be used throughout custom areas of the platform (e.g. the Day One screen).

There are 4 types of parameters.  They are:

1. System Parameters - are those which relate to your platform.  For example, your platform's url address
2. Custom Parameters - are those parameters which you can create to assist with delivering a customised message.  These are completed when creating a new employee profile.
For more information about Custom Parameters, go to Custom Fields.
3. Verification Parameters - are those parameters which refer to the verification answers.  For more details, go to Offer Verification Questions. 
4. User Parameters - are those parameters which form part of your employee's profile.  For example, their email address = {email}

How to view the listing of ALL available parameters 

The view the list of ALL available parameters, go to Global Site Configurations > Email Notifications >Add a new Email Notification in your myjoboffer platform.
You will see a "?" symbol located next to the body of the email notification on the right hand side of the screen .
Click & scroll on this symbol to Show ALL available parameters you can use throughout the platform.

An example

The below is an example of an email notification sent to IT.  This shows a number of custom fields being used.