Adding an image and creating a hyperlink on the image

Screen Shot

Step 1 – Click on the image icon 
Image format must be .png, .jpeg or .jpg             

Step 2 - If the image is already uploaded to your myjoboffer server (i.e. in the File Gallery), choose "Browse" and select the image.

If you are uploading an image to the platform, select the Upload button.
Click on Choose File to upload the image file.
When uploaded, click Send it to the Server.
Click Ok  


Step 3 - Adjust the image width and height if necessary by  clicking on Image Info Tab. To lock the aspect ratio of the image to avoid
distortion, ensure the lock icon is set to "locked". 

The resized image will appear in the Preview section on 
this page.

Step 4 - The image will now appear in the Editor Tool.

To link to a url address or pdf document, highlight
the image & select the link icon.

Step 5 
To create a hyperlinked image to a URL address &/or website follow Steps 2 & 3 detailed on the page titled Creating a hyperlinked text to a URL address &/or website
Step 5
To create a hyperlinked image to a pdf document follow Steps 2 & 3 detailed on the pa
ge titled Creating a hyperlinked text to a pdf document.

Tip: To amend the width & height of the image, highlight the image and right click the mouse. Select Image Properties and amend accordingly.