Creating a hyperlinked text to a URL address &/or website

Screen Shot

Step 1 – Type in the name of the document or text you would like linked.
Highlight the name or text you would like to be linked.
Click on the hyperlink icon. 

Step 2 
Enter the URL address for the document and click ok.
If you are linking to a file that is on your myjoboffer server (i.e. in
Files or Images), click on "Browse Server" to select the file.

If you would like the link to open in a new window (recommended
when linking to a policy), navigate to the "Target" tab and ensure
the target is set to New Window (_blank).


Step 3
Click Submit

Note: Required function
Should you wish for your new employees to open the new policy document, prior to be 
able to mark it as read & accepted, click on the Required function held on this page