File Gallery

This menu contains all your pdf documents.  You can also use this menu to upload files instead of using the Editor Tool to upload the image.

1. Login to the Employer Panel from the home page located at https://www.<yoursubdomain> 

2. Navigate to the Media Manager  - and click to expand.

3. Select File Gallery

4. Upload a file by clicking on the Click to Open File Button

3. Select the file from the applicable location on your PC drive

4. Click Submit

Creating a hyperlink to the pdf document using the File Gallery 

Once you have uploaded the image, the next step is to add it to the appropriate section of the platform using the Editor Tool for that section.

Step 1 – Add the necessary text you will be linking the pdf document to via
the Editor Tool.
Then click on the link icon 

Step 2 - Click on the Image Info Tab & then the Browse Server
The server is where all the uploaded files are located


Step 3 - The server where all the pdf documents are upload will appear  
Double click on the pdf image you would like to upload.

Step 4 - You can see the pdf document is hyperlinked
to the text in the Editor Tool