Create Policy Groups

This is where you create a policy group to allocate policies that you have added to your platform (Refer tAdd a New Policy).  

All Policy Groups

This is where you manage (add or delete) policies to an existing policy group.

Accessing the Manage Policy Groups Menu

1.Login to the Employer Panel from the home page located at https://<yoursubdomain>

2.Navigate to the Module Manager menu

3.Click on Create Policy Group to add a policy group or All Policy Groups to Edit/Delete an existing policy group

Refer to Editor Tool Instructions for how to add/edit images and text in the Editor Toggle.

Create Policy Groups

Field name Description
Policy Group Name This is the name you assign to the new policy group
Select policies to group                                   Select those policies which you would like to form part of the new group by clicking in the square box 

Important Note: You are able to have the one policy in multiple policy groups.

 Submit  Click the submit button to save the changes

All Policy Groups

Field name Description
ID The identification number given to the policy group.
Policy Group List the names of existing policy groups
Status                          Active / Inactive
It is recommended to select Inactive instead of deleting the policy group

This means you will continue to keep a record of policies previously 
 Action                                                      Edit / Delete

When editing an existing policy group, the policies attached to the group will appear with a 
green tick.  Simply click or unclick to add or delete from the policy group.

To delete a policy group, select Delete.  
Important Note: This will NOT delete the individual policy/s from the platform as you can have one policy in multiple policy groups.
To delete an individual policy from the platform, go to Manage Policy List and select Delete in the Action column.