Add a New Policy

This function is where you add a new policy or procedure you require your new employees to read and accept via the Policies & Procedures module.

1. Login to the Module Manager Menu from the home page located at https://www.<yoursubdomain>

2. Navigate to the Manage Module menu and click to expand  

3.Click Add a New Policy

Refer to Editor Tool Instructions for how to create a hyperlinked text (either to a URL website or pdf document) in the Editor Toggle.

Important Note: If you add a new policy, you will also need to add it to the appropriate policy group or create a new policy group.  For instructions see Manage Policy Groups.

Required button option?

This function is optional and found at the bottom of the Editor Tool.

If you click the required button, it will ensure the new employee opens the hyperlinked text prior to ticking the "I have read and understand .......  tick box".