Change Policy Intro Text

Use this option to customise your company message about policies and procedures that users then need to read and accept. This option can be used to reinforce your corporate message regarding the importance your company policies and procedures.

Accessing the Change Policy Intro Text

1.Login to the Employer Panel from the home page located at https://<yoursubdomain>

2.Navigate to the Module Manager menu and click to expand.

3.Click on Change Policy Intro Text

Refer to Editor Tool Instructions for how to add/edit images and text in the Editor Toggle.

Suggested Scripting

The below is suggested scripting you may want to consider.

It's now time to accept some of our most important HR policies and procedures. These are important documents so please take the time to read and review them. From time to time, our policies may change and we will let you know if this happens.

You must open each policy before you can accept it. If you need further clarification or have questions about our policies, you can get in touch with us.