Manage Policies List

This function allows you to edit, delete, activate and deactivate company policies and procedures which are existing already on the platform.  This is a global setting, and applies to all users who have not yet accepted your policies.  

Accessing the Manage Policies List

1.Login to the Employer Panel from the home page located at https://<yoursubdomain>

2.Navigate to the Module Manager menu and click to expand.

3.Click on Manage Policies List

Manage Policies List field definitions

Field name Description Tips and information
ID The identification number given to the policy
Policy This scripting is shown to the new employee to tick upon reading, understanding and agreeing to the policy and procedure   An example of scripting is 
"I have read, understood and agree to the XXX XXXX policy".
Status  Click to change from Active or Inactive It is recommended to select Inactive instead of deleting the policy. 
This means you will continue to keep a record of policies previously 
Action   Click here to either Edit or Delete the Policy Refer to Editor Tool Instructions  for details on how to edit a URL link to a website &/or a pdf document.

Important Note: Before you delete a policy from the Manage Policy List menu, ask yourself "Do I have this policy in multiple policy groups"?  If you delete a policy from the Manage Policy List, it will be removed 100% from all policy groups and the platform.

Updating an existing policy

1. Check to make sure you have the policy you will be needing to link (in PDF version) downloaded to your computer (e.g. the Fair Work Information Statement). Tip: If the file you are updating has the same or very similar file name to the original document, add an identifier at the start of the file name when saving to your computer to differentiate between the old and new versions in the myjoboffer File Manager (e.g. "2019_").

2. Next, you will need to upload the new file to the File Gallery. To do that, navigate to Media Manager > File Gallery in your Employer Control Panel.

3. Click on "Click to select files for uploading" and select the policy/PDF you want to update from your computer's files. Click "submit", ensuring the "LD" box is not ticked.

4. Navigate to Module Manager > Manage Policies List, and select "Edit" from the "Actions" menu next to the policy you would like to update.

5. Highlight the text that you would like to link (or update), and click the link button (second row, 11 buttons in from the right hand side):

6. In the "Link Info" tab, click on "Browse Server" and select the new file you have uploaded.

7. Move to the "Target" tab and ensure the target is set to "New Window (_blank)". It is important that the target is set correctly to ensure that the file opens in a new window for the employee, otherwise the employee may not be able to complete their Policies module.

8. Click OK. Ensure the "Required" box is ticked, and click "Submit".

The file has now been updated. To test the new file after updating, simply use the Proxy As Employee button in the top right hand corner of your Employer Control Panel homepage and navigate to the Policies module. Ensure the employee you proxy in as has a policy group that contains the policy you have just updated.