Document upload

This is where you create or change the type of documents that you can request employees to provide you during their onboarding. For e.g. drivers licence or passport for proof of identity, qualification certificates and their superannuation form if they are choosing their own superannuation fund.

Note: When making a change to an existing document upload request, remember this is a global change. This change will apply to all employees who are already assigned this document upload request, but have not yet completed their onboarding. Instead, consider creating a new document upload request to prevent existing employees being affected.

Accessing the Document upload request centre

1.Login to the Employer Panel from the home page located at https://<yoursubdomain>

2.Navigate to the Global Site Configuration menu

3. Click on Add Upload Request to add an additional document upload request or All Document Requests to Edit/Delete an existing document upload request

Document upload field definitions

Field definition
Instruction to employee
Outline what documents you are requesting the employee to upload.
Document name The name you give to this document. E.g. identification, qualifications
Select trigger.     Set trigger rules to apply based on a response provided by the employee. In the example below, the request to upload a
Super Fund compliance letter will only appear if the employee chooses a super fund that is not the employer default fund.

Select status
Select whether you want this document to be either Required or Optional.

Important Note: If you select required, the Forms section in your Offer Queue will remain unticked until this has been completed.  
Your new employee will not be able to continue onto Step 3 & 4 of the onboarding process until their documents have been uploaded.