Notification Centre

Acceptance of the employment contract is often the trigger to many internal processes. Setting up IT access, preparing the workplace and even triggering welcome calls from managers can be easily managed with the notification centre.

Send customised and tailored notifications to those who need to know about new employees joining your organisation. This creates consistency in the way new employees are provided with all the tools they need to do the job. For e.g. notifications such as stationary requirements, IT setup and building security requests.

Notification triggers can be tailored to your business rules and are sent as soon as the new hire reads and accepts their policies & procedures during the 4 Step Process.

Adding New Email Notification

1.Login to the Employer Panel from the home page located at https://<yoursubdomain>

2.Navigate to the Global Site Configuration menu

3.Click to expand the Notification Centre menu

4. Click on Add New Email Notification to add an additional email notification or All Notifications to Edit/Delete an existing email notification.

Notifications centre field definitions

Field definition
Trigger Type Select the trigger type.  You can choose from:
  • After Offer delivered
  • After Contract acceptance
  • After Forms completed
  • After Policies accepted
  • After Day One Opened
  • +/- days and option for Time to send based on a custom/system date field
Timing Type  Select the trigger timing.  You can choose from:
  • Immediately
  • After XX days

Enter days to send email
If you select XX days, you will be asked to enter the number of days you would like to send the email from the trigger.
Template Name
The name you give to the notification template
From email address                                                  The email address you would like to send the template from. Typically, this should be <yourorganisation> If the e-mail is not from a myjobhub domain, it may land in the recipient's junk e-mail folder.
To email address
The email address you would like to send the template to.

Note: You can send the notification template to multiple internal email addresses. 
The email addresses should be separated using a comma (,)
Include Hiring Manager in email Tick this box if you wish to include the supervisor (originally set up as the Hiring Manager) in the email. 
Include employee in email Tick this box if you wish to send the email to the new employee you are onboarding
This email will only be sent if the following conditions are met
Tick this box if you wish to configure the notification template to be triggered by 2 or less business rules.

Click on the drop box to view the question and select the answer you wish to be met to activate the template.

When these rules are met, the notification template will automatically trigger.

Note: If selecting And – both rules must be met for the notification template to be activated.
If selecting Or – one or more rules must be met for the notification template to be activated.
 Subject The subject heading to be sent on your email
Body of Email
including How to use Parameters to customise your message.
User specific information which has been entered into the software can be included in the email notifications by using the symbols {      }. 
This information is called parameters.  There are 4 types of parameters.  They are:

1. System Parameters - are those which relate to your platform.  For example, your platform's url address
2. Custom Parameters - are those parameters which you can create to assist with delivering a customised message.  These are completed when creating a new employee profile.
For more information about Custom Parameters, go to Custom Fields.
3. Verification Parameters - are those parameters which refer to the verification answers.  For more details, go to Offer Verification Questions. 
4. User Parameters - are those parameters which form part of your employee's profile.  For example, their email address = {email}

Using parameters enables you to customise your message to your new employee.

The view the list of available parameters, click on the "?" symbol located next to the body of the email notification  

Refer to  Editor Tool Instructions  for instructions on how to configure your email notification including:
  • a hyperlink to a pdf document
  • a hyperlink to a URL address
  • a hyperlink on an image
  • how to use Parameters to customise your message

Notification Previews

Notification Previews allow you to see exactly what a notification will look like, including any configured custom fields, text and images, without the need to trigger it in reality. This feature is useful when designing notifications so that you can make real time changes as you move along.

To use the Notification Previews feature:

1. Edit the notification you are wanting to preview by navigating to Global Site Configuration > All Notifications and selecting "Edit" in the Actions menu next to the relevant notification. Important Note: A notification must be saved before it can be previewed. This is also the case for any changes to a notification that you are wanting to preview, i.e. the changes need to be saved before they will be reflected in the preview.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the notification and click on "Send test e-mail".

3. Select an employee to use in the preview. The information that is used to populate any custom fields used in the notification preview will be pulled from the profile of the employee you select. If the notification includes a custom field that has not been completed on the selected employee's profile, the custom field will not be populated in the preview. The selected employee will not receive the notification preview.

4. Input the e-mail address that the preview should be sent to (this would normally be your e-mail address). The preview will only be sent to the e-mail address that is typed in this field - any e-mail addresses that the notification would normally send to in reality will not receive the notification preview.

5. Click "Send" - the notification will be sent to the e-mail that was input. Notification preview e-mails can be identified by the text "Test |" at the beginning of the subject line.

The preview will show the notification exactly as it will appear when triggered in reality. Any unpopulated custom fields could be due to:

a) The employee selected for the preview does not have the custom field populated

b) The custom field parameter has been misspelled in the notification

c) The custom field parameter does not exist

To make changes too a notification and re-preview, make the required change and save the notification. Select "Edit" in the Actions menu, and then re-send the preview again following the above steps.