My Offers

The Offer Queue menu is used to access information completed by the User. This includes tracking the progress of a user’s completion of three of the four steps within - being contract acceptance, forms completion and policies.  

My Offers menu also allows you to see if the user has had their forms reset.

The Offer Queue menu also provides access to download the User forms in a PDF format to be uploaded to the organisation's Human Resources Information Systems including payroll systems.

Accessing My Offers

1.Login to the Employer Panel from the home page located at https://<yoursubdomain>

2.Navigate to the Offer Dashboard menu and click to expand.

3.Click on My Offers

4.You are then presented with the list of Users within and each User’s information for contract, policies and forms.

My Offers 

This menu is used to monitor the progress of a user across three of the four steps within This is also the option to download a PDF copy of the user’s forms submission, contract transmission report and policies transmission report.

Tip: The My Offers menu is a valuable tool to monitor the progress of a user. This option shows the status of contract acceptance, policy acceptance and forms completion.

My Offer field definitions

Field name
Tips and information
Employee Name
This is the name of the user as recorded on the user’s profile within the system
Tip:  By clicking on the user's name, you can download download the user forms in a PDF format.
Username This is the username that the User gains access to the system with.  
Offer Accepted This shows when the user has accepted their employment offer.  
Forms Completed
(Click on the User’s name to access their completed forms and any attached documents)
When populated this pdf file details the responses provided by the User during Forms completion.
This field shows as “Incomplete” for those Users yet to complete their Forms
Policies Accepted
(Click on the User’s name to access the Policies Transmission)
When populated this PDF file is the transmission report of the Users acceptance of the Company policies. This document provides information on the Date, Time and IP Address at the time of acceptance by the User. This document serves as a formal transaction record on the acceptance of the company Policies outlines on the report by the User. This field shows as “Incomplete” for those Users yet to accept the company Policies
Form Reset
A tick in this box indicates the new employee forms have been reset for the user.  
Onboarding Status This field provides the current completion status of a user across all three steps captured in the offer queue. This field shows as “Incomplete” when a User has not completed all three steps (Contract Acceptance, Policy Acceptance and Forms Submission).
Archived This field indicates if a User has been moved to Archive state  See Archive
Archived by This field indicated the user ID of the person who archived this user  
Archive This field is used to place a User into an archived state. This field is typically used to manage those Users who are no longer actively using to complete the offer process For more information on Archiving, please see below.

The Offer Queue allows you to view Users by “Complete”, “Incomplete” or “All”. To change the view setting use the drop down menu next to the Onboarding Status column.  To view the My Offers with Archived User’s, tick the “View with Archived” box above the Offer Queue.


You may choose to archive an employee once their onboarding has been completed to ensure the My Offers screen shows only those who are still in progress.

To archive an employee, tick the "ARCHIVE" box next to the employee's name. Multiple employees can be archived at the one time. To archive multiple employees, tick the "ARCHIVE" box next to all employees you want to archive. Next, navigate to the "Bulk Action" dropdown box and choose "Archive". This will archive all selected employees. 

To view all archived employees, tick the "View Archived Employees" box above the search bar. This will show only archived employees.

To unarchive an employee, filter to archived employees by ticking the "View Archived Employees" box above the search bar. Remove the tick from the "ARCHIVE" box next to the employee's name. Multiple employees can be unarchived at the one time. To unarchive multiple employees, remove the tick from the "ARCHIVE" box next to all employees you want to unarchive. Next, navigate to the "Bulk Action" dropdown box and choose "Un-Archive". This will unarchive all selected employees.

Important note 1: Archived employees will not show in a search unless the view is filtered to archived employees.

Important note 2: If an offer is re-delivered to an archived employee, the employee will be automatically un-archived as soon as the offer is delivered. To re-archive them, you will need to follow the Archive procedure above.

How to download the new employee's documentation

To access all the pdf files generated for a user’s Contract, Contract Transmission, Policies Transmission, New Employee Forms & any document upload requests, simply click on the Employee's Name in my My Offers menu and download the pdf document.

Tip: If the employee has only partially completed their onboarding, the documents will need to be downloaded as separate files. If the employee has completed all of their onboarding tasks, you will have the option to download all files at once by clicking the Download All button. This will download all documents for the selected employee as a .zip file.