Delivering an offer

From time to time it may be necessary to deliver another Employment Offer to a User. This may be necessary if the Employment Offer was amended after the initial user creation, or if you are delivering a new Employment Offer to an existing employee.

Note: When a new Employment Offer is delivered to a User, the completed Forms and Policies that have already been completed remain unchanged. To provide a user with access to recomplete forms see the Reset Forms instructions within this user guide. If you need to reset all steps of the offer process (Contract, Forms, Policies and Day One steps), you will need to setup an entirely new user.

Caution: Uploading a new Employment Offer overrides previously accepted offers. If a copy of the previous Contract or Contract Transmission report is required, then this should be downloaded from the Check Offer Status menu before delivering another Contract. Re-delivering a new employment offer to an archived employee will automatically unarchive the employee.

Before completing this step an employment contract needs to be generated and saved as a pdf file. The system delivers the employment contract to the new user as Employment offer for “User Name”.pdf

Login to the Employer Panel from the home page located at

  1. https://<yoursubdomain>
  2. Navigate to the Employee Administration menu and click to expand
  3. Select “Deliver an Offer”
  4. Click the Deliver button next to the name of the user you would like to Deliver Another Offer to

You are then presented with the “Deliver An Offer” screen.

Deliver An Offer field definitions

Field name Description Tips and information


This is the name of the user you are delivering another Employment Offer to.

This field is pre-populated and cannot be changed. If you need to change the details of the User you can do this in Manage Users

Login Name

This is the login Username of the user you are delivering another Employment Offer to.

This field is pre-populated and cannot be changed. User information can be managed in the Manager Users section.

Upload Employment Offer or select Contract Template

Choose the Employment Contract file to upload as the Employment Offer. This file needs to be saved as a .pdf file and must contain all pages a single .pdf file. If you are using a contract template, select the relevant template. Ensure you generate as a PDF.


The Employment Offer needs to contain the answers to the 3 validation questions that are set as part of the setup.


Employment Offer Verification Answers

These are the three validation questions that the user must answer to accept their employment offer. These are customised specifically for the organisation based on standard information contained in all employment offers. Your organisation's validation questions can be similar to: 

Validation Question 1

Contract Start Date

Validation Question 2

Contract End Date

Validation Question 3

Employee's Postcode

When completing the validation questions for a new Employment Offer, it is essential that the information recorded against each question perfectly matches the information contained within the Employment Offer.pdf file for the user as the user will be required to enter and perfectly match the answers to these three questions to accept their offer electronically.

Select Approver (if applicable):

If Contract Approvals are enabled for your organisation, you will need to select the name of the person within your organisation who will approve or decline the contract. For more information about Contract Approvals, go to Contract Approvals.

Click Send Offer.

If your organisation does not have Contract Approvals enabled, this will automatically resend the user another SMS or email depending upon what was created when setting up the user's profile.

If your organisation does have Contract Approvals enabled, a notification will be e-mailed to the chosen approver asking them to approve or decline the contract. If they approve the contract, the employee will automatically be sent another SMS or e-mail depending upon what was created when setting up the user's profile. If they decline the contract, you will be sent a notification advising of why, and will need to deliver a new contract to be approved. You can check the status of a contract in Manage Employees.

Important Note: It is important to check how you originally communicated to the new employee when you delivered your first offer.  You can do this by going to the Manage Employee Menu.  Check if the Offer Delivery Email Notification enabled & SMS enabled for this user has defaulted to Yes.  If so, this means when you deliver another offer, this new offer will also be delivered by both email & SMS. 

If either of the Offer Delivery Email Notification enabled & SMS enabled for this user has defaulted to No, follow the instructions outlined in the Manage Employees Menu for how to resend either an email or SMS (whichever is applicable).