1.  Create an employee

This step outlines the process to setup a “Registered” employee within the system and to deliver an employment offer to a successful candidate.

Note: A “Registered” employee and successful candidate are typically one and the same within myjoboffer.com.au. “Registered” employee is the myjoboffer.com.au permission profile assigned to a successful candidate.

This process would typically be completed following confirmation to a candidate that they had been successful in their employment application.

Before completing this step an employment contract needs to be generated and saved as a pdf file. The system delivers the employment offer to the new employee as Employment offer for “Employee Name”.pdf

Tip:  As organisations transition from paper based manual employment offers to electronic employment offers, consideration should be given to the wording of the employment offer to ensure that it makes sense in an electronic context. E.g. please sign and return your employment offer would not make sense in when accepting an employment offer electronically.

  1. Login to the Employer Panel from the myjoboffer.com.au home page located at https://www.<yoursubdomain>.myjobhub.com.au.
  2. Navigate to the Employee Administration menu and click to expand.
  3. Select “Create an employee”

You are then presented with the “Create a new employee” screen to enter the details of the successful candidate.

New employee field definitions

 Field name  Description Tips and information 
First Name

This is the first name of the employee. 

Some areas of the system use the name field to sort employees.

Last Name This is the last name of the employee  
Email address

This is the email address of the employee. This field is used by the system to send the initial login information to the employee.


This is the username that the employee will enter to gain access to the system. Each organisation will determine their own taxonomy for recording usernames.

Mobile number

The mobile number you enter here will be set as the employee's initial password (excluding the country code)

The country code is set by default as 61 (for Australia). You can change the country code if the employee does not have an Australian mobile phone number

By default, the standard shared secret is the employee’s mobile phone number that they used at the time of application.

myjoboffer.com.au communicates the password as a shared secret “i.e. the password is displayed as Your password is your mobile phone number

Caution: myjoboffer provides the ability to include any system or custom parameter in any communication template. This means, you are able to include the username and actual password in the email sent to employees. myjoboffer recommends never sharing the actual password to employees to ensure compliance with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) guidelines on electronic reporting of tax file numbers. 

Hiring Manager email address Input the employees manager’s email address here (Optional field)

Providing the email address for the hiring manager will allow you to send notifications to them when their employee accepts their offer.

Offer expiry This is the date the new employee needs to accept their offer by.  The offer will expire if not accepted by this date and the new employee will not be able to accept it without first contacting you. To extend the offer expiry date to allow the new employee to accept their offer, go to Employee Administration > Manage Employees and change the offer expiry date.
Send welcome
This field is set to allow employees to receive emails from myjoboffer.com.au to the email address recorded against the employee's profile. This setting needs to be set to “Yes” to allow the employee to receive their login information. Details to configure the welcome email can be found Custom Settings - Welcome Email.  To set up the welcome email, go to Global Site Configuration>Custom Settings>Welcome email in your platform
Require password reset

This field is used to require the employee to reset their password on first login.

It is recommended that this field be set to “Yes” on initial setup allowing the employee to change their password from the shared secret to a password of their choice. The system will not allow the employee to set their password back to the shared secret. This is the only opportunity an employee has to set their own password.

Send SMS

This option allows you to send a welcome SMS to the employee with the login details and how to access the site.

Details to configure the SMS sender can be found Custom Settings - SMS Sender.

The sender of the SMS can be changed from Global Site Configuration > Settings > SMS Sender in your platform

Record Custom Information Custom Fields allow you to input additional employee information that you can export into a report along with employee specific information format once the employee completes their on boarding. Details to configure custom fields can be found Custom Settings - Custom Field Settings. To set up custom fields, go to Global Site Configuration > Settings > Custom Settings > Custom Field Settings in your platform.

2. Onboarding tasks

Onboarding Tasks field definitions

Field name
Field definition
Tips and information                                                
Select the form
This is where you select the group of forms which you want to deliver to this employee. Details to configure forms are 
located at Forms.
You can set up form goups in Module Manager > Forms in your platform.                                                                                      
Select the notifications
to send
This is where you select the email notifications which apply to this employee.  Details to configure email 
notifications are located at Notification Centre.
You can set up email notifications in Global Site Configuration > Notification Centre in your platform.
Select documents
to upload
This is where you select the documents you request the new employee to upload during the onboarding process.
Details to configure document upload requests are located at Document Upload.
You can set up document uploads in Global Site Configuration > Document Upload Centre in your platform.                                                                                                                                                 
What policy
group applies to
this employee?
This is where you select the policy group which applies to the new employee.  Policy groups may be defined based on role or location.  Details to configure policy groups are located at Policies.
You can set up policy groups in Module Manager > Manage Policy List in your platform.                                                                                          
What day one experience do you want to apply to
this employee?
This is where you select the day one experience you want to deliver to the new employee.  You can design different day one experiences based on role, location, division etc.  Details to configure day one experiences are located at Day One.
You can set up Day One Experiences in Module Manager > Manage Day One Experience in your platform.
What brand will
this employee
work for?
This function is ideal for those companies that have a portfolio of brands.  You can assign the brand you want and present different brand elements to your employees. Customisable brand elements include different text, logos and banners to the employees.  Details to configure multi brands are located at Multi Brand Centre.
You can set up Multi Brands in Global Site Configuration > Multi-Brand Centre in your platform.

3. Deliver an Employment Offer

You will be presented with two options when delivering an employment offer - (i) Deliver an Employment Offer Now and (ii) Save and Deliver Later.  If you select Save & Deliver Later, you will need to deliver the employment offer via the Employee Administration > Deliver an Offer menu

Deliver an Employment Offer Now - You have two options when delivering an employment offer.  You can either (i) use the Contract Template or (ii) Upload Employment Offer 

Delivering an Employment Offer using the Contract Template - Firstly, you need to create your Contract Templates.  Go to our user guides for instructions for Contract Templates.

Field name Description Tips and information
You want to upload a contract or use a contract template to create the contract? Select which method you would like to deliver an Employment Offer.  Choose between
(i) upload a contract or (ii) use a contract template
If you select Upload a Contract, make sure you upload
a pdf document.
Select the Contract Template  If you are uploading via a contract template, select which Contract Template you would like to use Note: You can have multiple Contract Templates.
Preview To preview the completed Contract Template, hit the preview button.
This allows you to Edit and Generate PDF Contract as well.
It is recommended to preview the completed Contract Template prior to sending to the new employee.
Edit To amend the completed Contract Template, select Edit This is where you can amend the contract prior to sending to the new employee. 
Generate PDF Contract This is where you generate a copy of the contract in pdf format for your own records.  Click on this button to extract a copy of the contract for you to save on your PC.  
Close This closes the browser window.  

Select Approver (if applicable):

If Contract Approvals are enabled for your organisation, you will need to select the name of the person within your organisation who will approve or decline the contract. For more information about Contract Approvals, go to Contract Approvals.

Employment Offer Verification Answers

There are three validation questions that the employee must complete to accept their employment offer. These are customised specifically for the organisation based on standard information contained in all employment offers. To change the validation questions, go to Global Site Configuration > Settings > Change Verification Questions.

When completing the validation questions for a new employee it is essential that the information recorded against each question perfectly matches the information contained within the Employment Offer.pdf file for the employee as the employee will be required to enter and perfectly match the answers to these three questions to accept their offer electronically.

4. Deliver
To complete the new employee set up, click on the Send Offer button. 

If your organisation does not have Contract Approvals enabled, the employee will be notified (either email, SMS or both) of their next steps for onboarding.

If your organisation does have Contract Approvals enabled, a notification will be e-mailed to the chosen approver asking them to approve or decline the contract. If they approve the contract, the employee will be notified (either email, SMS or both) of their next steps for onboarding. If they decline the contract, you will be sent a notification advising why, and will need to deliver a new contract to be approved. You can check the status of a contract in Manage Employees.

For more information on Contract Approvals, go to Contract Approvals.