The information provided in this user guide explains the basic principles of the product, and shows how to use the system for creating and managing an employment offer.

       This user guide is intended for “Manager” users of who:

  • setup and deliver electronic employment offers to new employees
  • administer new employee logins including resetting passwords and forms
  • are required to extract information from the system for record keeping within company Human Resource Information Systems
  • are required to administer the look and feel for their organisation.

       This user guide is intended for the manager user profile within as detailed under User Permissions.

Permissions has three types of user permissions:

The “Manager” user profile is used to administer the application. This user guide is written specifically for the “Manager” user profile. “Manager” users have specific permissions that allow them to deliver an employment offer, provide administration for “Registered Users”, extract information from the system and customise the look and feel of

The “Registered” user profile is typically assigned to a successful candidate to deliver their employment offer via “Registered” users are considered the end user of the system and have specific access privileges limited to the acceptance of their employment offer, completion of their employment forms, acceptance of company policies and procedures and access to “day one” information. Registered users do not have permissions to view information (other than their own) within the system, cannot administer other users and cannot modify content within the application.

“Public” users are users who do not have a recorded profile within the system. The product only has one area that can be accessed by public users, which is the initial login screen at https://<yoursubdomain> Public users do not have any permissions to log in or access any area of the site other than the initial login screen.

The Manager profile can only be assigned by To request a new manager login to be setup please contact IT support on 1300 545 836 or email

The Manager profile is permissioned to setup Registered users through the deliver an employment offer step.